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Dr. Gong Invited to Give a presentation on EHS Management Pl

Author: admin Time:2018-04-09 Source:未知

On January 28 2016, Dr. Yuyang Gong, ESD Managing Director, was invited to give a presentation on “How to enhance the supervision of secondary environmental pollution, occupational health and on-site worker safety during a contaminated sites remediation process?” in the Symposium on Setup of the Contaminated Sites Remediation Supervision System held in Environment Development Centre of China's Environment Protection Ministry (MEP) in Beijing.

To coordinate with the NPC Environment and Resources Protection Committee's work on the legislation of Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Act (Soil Act), and establish a regulatory system for contaminated sites supervision which is suitable for China's current situation, MEP Solid Waste and Chemical Management Technology Centre held the Symposium on January 28 in Beijing. The Symposium invited the drafting group of the Soil Act, and experts and scholars in law, environmental management and scientific research to have a focused discussion on the following three specific aspects: 1) who are responsible for remediation supervision; 2) which process(es) or key points should supervision should be focused on? 3) what tools and supervision methods are available? Dr. Gong, ESD Managing Director, was invited to give a presentation on the topic of EHS Management Plan during the site remediation process.

In the presentation, Dr Gong highlighted the urgency to improve current China's site remediation supervision in the areas of: 1) control of pollution source and prevention of secondary environmental pollution, and 2) prevention of safety and health accidents during the process of remediation. The presentation also covered key points of safety and health management in other countries, and suggest enhancement of the following four aspects in China: 1) tightening the supervision during the remediation process and remediation closure; 2) implementation of life-long responsibility system for all parties involved; 3) implementation of the third party supervision policy; and, 4) establishment of personnel qualification and certification system. He particularly emphasized the importance of the capacity building, training and reeducation for remediation professionals.