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Since 1999, ESD has undertaken a large number of engineering and consulting projects for a diverse list of leading multinational companies, municipal/provincial/central governments and International Development (ID) agencies, throughout China and in Asia.

Our representative clients in the public sector include the World Bank, GEF, IFC, Asian Development Bank (ADB), European Investment Bank (EIB), and central/provincial/municipal governments such as China MEP, Chongqing EPB, Guangzhou EPB, and Tianjin Eco-City. Our industrial clients, among many others, include Abbott, Adidas, BP, Briggs & Stratton, Burlington Resources/ConocoPhillips, Coca Cola, Cookson Electronics, Corning, Delphi, ExxonMobil, GM, Gul Ahmed, Johnson & Johnson, Juki, Kellogg, Kennametal, Motorola, Nalco, OM Group, PetroChina, SPX, Tetra-Pak, W.R. Grace, and Wuhan Steel. Click to view our representative client list.

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